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Studentu stovykla

I have already posted this identical post on studentu thoughts on the so called studentu website, but as far as i can tell that site has only 1 dedicated poster/commenter, me. This site has at least me and one other loyal reader (hopefully more who are too tired or stricken with carpal tunnel syndrome to respond) so i'll post my same thoughts here. I plan to post more thoughts in the future, but given the lack of feedback who knows.

Since coming back from Studentu Stovkla I’ve been thinking about our experiences, and when I think I about studentu, I touch myself (in an emotional and spiritual way.) Anyway, here are some of my recollections of this year’s stovykla.

Best Moment: Punching Vytenis in the face. The only thing that could have made this moment better is if I could remember it. Unfortunately I was asleep at the time. Vytenis tried to wake me for more mischief and mayhem, but I gave him both barrels instead.

Runner up: Talking about politics with Ieva and Dovas. The first night we got into a deep political discussion, and Dovas and I became so embroiled we continued our discussion even after going to bed and after everyone else had to sleep. Then we resumed our discussions the next night. Upon my advice they will both try to read Atlas Shrugged if they remember, and or aren’t put off when they realize the immense size of the book.

Best Activity: Skiing. I haven’t been skiing in a long time so I was super excited to go. Although the mountain wasn’t the biggest ever, and the snow was the best ever, and the easy hills were far too crowded, it was super duper fun. I got to ski both with the first time skiers a little, (I tried to help Gaja, but wasn’t especially successful, I understand she did much better after freeing herself from my tutelage) and ski with the more experienced skiers/snowboarders who were considerably better than me.

Runner-up: Board Game Night. We played board games or cards probably daily, but there was only one night when we all played together. Despite some minor kinks in the game play, and a few slight disagreements between myself and the board game's creators about what the rules should be, I think everyone had a fun time. Everyone except for the losers (Vytenis’ team) who had to wait on for the winners all night (my team.)

Most disappointing: Not making a movie. Although we did get some funny movies of people just having fun, we did not manage to plan out any plays/skits/fake interviews, etc. as I had hoped to. It’s not really all that disappointing, I guess that just goes to show how few disappointments there were.

Runner up: Not managing to properly plan out a discussion of my thesis. I failed to determine ahead of time what would be appropriate and interesting to talk about. I went in thinking I would talk about essentially all aspects of my thesis only to realize part way in that most of it wouldn’t be all that interesting. Luckily, Rasa saved me and started up a conversation on her own about what’s important to us as Lithuanians and students.

Random thoughts: To the best of my knowledge nobody threw up all during camp. Quite an accomplishment during flu season with everyone walking around outside and skiing.

Tuna fish artichoke bean dip.

I don’t know exactly what went into financing our various camps but given everything we were able to do this year, it seems vastly price superior to Neringa. The skiing/food/beverages/lodgings/bacon content of this year’s stovykla were all phenomenal.

Final thoughts, the ballroom dancing was super fun, and a good way to lead up to New Years Eve, but next time I think we should do some Lithuanian dances, too. Either just dances that would be pretty easy to teach, like suktinis or gyvataras, or making up dances like we did a couple years ago.


Anonymous Aleksandra said...

Also, would it not be awesome if EVERYONE at stovykla wrote a similar synopsis about it, as perceived by the author? That would make some good studentu blog entries, I think... and keep writing your little anecdotes. I like them!

9:15 PM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

As far as i can tell no one has any interest in the so call studentu blog, so i guess that whole enterprise was a waste of time. As far my anecdotes i don't know if you mean about studentu or in general. I'll try to keep the ones in general coming, but there will probably be only a couple more if any about studentu. It's hard to get up the motivation to write when you know only a couple of people will be reading it.

12:38 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

well, i punched aidas mattis in the neck when he tried to wake me up to get off the train in geneva. i was dreaming that i was al nundy on the floor in my living room, and that peggy and everyone else were laughing at me and attacking me, so i defended myself by punching him.

i was thrilled to get boggle and monopoly for xmas, then a little disappointed they were both made in china. i realize there must be no alternative. i haven't opened the monolopy yet, but the boggle is clearly poorly made. and after not playing it for four years, liepa beat me 150 to 35 (apporximation, it might have been not such a landslide, but she at least doubled me)

i wish i made more movies too. l-a-z-y!

bean dip is the best, i starting making it for real lately, instead of just puting baked beans in the blender (not bad if you don't have 24 hours to make it properly)

6:04 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

We had several other ideas of things to get you, and were going to get at least a couple more, but liepa had no more room with all the stuff she had to bring for other people. Sucks for you. That's what you get for having a family. Sucks for liepa too, cause she didn't get any presents from me. She kept turning down my ideas, and then she didn't have any room anyway. So she got a big fat nothing. I'll still try to send out a couple of books for you sometime, I was going to send them with the other books you ordered, but then i didn't get them fast enough and mama got impatient and made me send you your books ahead. Also i'm totally awesome at boggle, at least way better than liepa.

2:16 PM  

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