Monday, January 7

Tomturkey Tomfoolery.

Once again i took an extended vacation from blogging to finish up studying and passing my exam, huzzah. And then it was hard to get back into it, but now we'll start with the story of a turkey. This seemed like a pretty ordinary turkey, it was planning to be eaten on thanksgiving just like most turkeys, but this particular turkey was ordered by my mom on the internet to be delivered to our house the day before thanksgiving. Now i believe you can order a lot of gourmet food to be delivered to your house, but the whole idea seems ridicioulus to me. As i suspected the turkey did not arrive and at the last minute we had to go get another one. We got our money back, got a new turkey had a delicious thanksgiving and I, in my naiveness thought that would be the end of the story. But roughly a week later my mom gets an email that turkey has arrived and i go out to see if there is in fact a box out there. Well i don't know exactly how long the box had been sitting out on our driveway, but i do know that i was long for the cardboard box to be seeping wet and for one of our dogs to have torn the top off and started to try to eat the turkey. The turkey had of course gone bad from it's week plus in transit and the dog had little success in consuming or digesting it. After the being infected by the horrible smell of the rotting turkey we managed to dispose of it. So everyone lost. Even the turkey. Lesson of the story. Don't order food on the internet. At least not a thanksgiving turkey.


Blogger Aras said...

that certainly is ridiculous, why in the world did she order it, to get a free range one or something?

i remember in boston star market used to deliver, it was meant for seniors who couldn't walk, and i think it only costed like five bucks, meaning it would be worth it if that how much the drive costs you, and you don't need to shop around. we never did it though. maybe it costs more, i can't remember why we didn't do it.

8:18 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

I guess it was probably organic/free range. stop and shop has the same thing they call it peapod. That's fine because they deliver it the same day, but getting meat in the mail you never know how long it's been out there.

7:22 PM  

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