Sunday, March 6

These candidates make me want to vomit in terror.

This certainly makes me want to vomit in terror. When did we become a society where police officers were above the law. Where they could do whatever they want without fear of repercussions. The sheriff in the first article is clearly guilty of kidnapping/false imprisonment and top of that it's is undoubtedly a hate crime. He should obviously be stripped of his position that fact that he hasn't been is a disgrace to our society. I do root for her in her lawsuit except that it would be the cop who ends up paying, it will be normal people who would never dream of being the abusive dick face that this cop was. He needs to be sent to prison stripped of all possessions, his pension/savings/whatever he owns needs to be turned over to this woman. Hopefully he doesn't have a family, but if he does that's just too bad, it's no different than having a drug dealer for a father/husband. They should go to prison and you need to start over with nothing. Similarly in the second article (i didn't read all the way through) but the fact that cops are raping prisoners and getting away with it, and even when there complaints that are investigated and found to be true virtually never charged with a crime and sometimes even keeping their jobs? I mean what the hell. Cops just have too much power in modern society. They all stick together which i can understand, but it is very wrong. But worse attorneys don't want to piss cops off, so they never prosecute them, and politicians don't want to piss cops off, so they never say anything, and the result is that cops have complete impunity. There was some cop in connecticut was was driving 130 miles an hour while either texting or talking on the phone to his girlfriend or both (i don't remember) and killed 2 girls. So what happens to him? The judges and attorneys in the case agree to hush it up, and not only does he get no jail time for what is clearly manslaughter, he gets awarded disability benefits. Until some newspaper finds out about it and shines a light on the whole situation. The bad PR hopefully forced them to do something, I don't remember all the details, i think i wrote about in this blog about a year ago. But police officers are virtually never held to account for their actions. As officers of the law they aught to be held to a stricter standard and punished more severely for breaking the law, instead they virtually immune from prosecution.


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