Thursday, March 3

Mr. Simpson, this government computer can process over nine tax returns per day. Did you really think you could fool it?

Could the TSA have hired a worse spokesperson. I mean it's okay with me cause i'm anti TSA anyway, but just so stupid. As if it's not bad enough that let the guy through with the box cutters (and from what i've read this is routine. The government has frequent tests to see if TSA agents can agents trying to sneak through with weapons, and their failure rate is truly embarrassing or at least it would be if they released the results, but they refuse to.) But that's the no real point here. The point is that they compound their failure to catch the box cutters, by claiming it doesn't even matter. Even if a terrorist got on the plane with box cutters it wouldn't matter because there are new procedures (in particular pilots with locked doors) which make it irrelevant. Really. So it doesn't matter if you don't do you jobs. So if that's true why are you being paid to fail to do a job which is pointless anyway. Obviously the TSA should be disbanded.

Side note I was watching the terminator a couple of months ago, and at the same time i read about how the head of the TSA would stop allowing airports to switch to private contractors to replace the TSA and realized what the perfect analogy for government agencies is. They are skynet, originally built to help humans, but then they become too big, and become self aware. Instead of doing their original job of helping humans they have a new job of protecting themselves. In the case of the TSA there was a lot of bad publicity, and it was written in the original law authorizing the TSA that airports would be allowed to opt out and hire private companies to do the same job. Nobody cared for a while but with the bad publicity, airports started opting out. And then pistole, head of the TSA declared he didn't see any benefit to that, so he wouldn't let any knew airports opt out. Yeah of course there's no benefit to the TSA, it will make them look bad, the point isn't to benefit the TSA, it's to benefit people. Now Obama wants to unionize the TSA. Just like skynet it has become self aware, is attacking anyone it sees as a threat and consolidating it's position.


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