Wednesday, February 23

You know nothing about genetics, Lis: it goes boy, girl, boy, girl.

You'd be hard pressed to come up with a more ridiculous idea for a law. Legislature in Arizona are trying to make it illegal to have an abortion because of the sex of race of the fetus. This is completely new territory. States have created harsher penalties for people who break the law for various reasons (specifically hate crimes.) Which is already bogus. If you beat the shit out of somebody because they are black/white/gay/straight and you hate whatever it is that they are, then your crime is beating the shit out of somebody, not hating them. Hating somebody is not a crime. By this is even worse. They are now suggestion that they can take an act which is legal (and which the supreme court has upheld as legally required by the constitution) and make it illegal depending why you do it. So thousands of other people could be doing the exact same thing as you, but because you did it for a different reason, now it's a crime. This is so comedic it should be on a sitcom. Oh no wait, it already was. In seinfeld when jerry decides he doesn't like the guy he bought a nice suit jacket from, he wants to return it out of spite. And the store refuses to take it back because spite is not an acceptable reason. He tries to say, well i don't like it, but it was too late, he already said spite. It's just inane. And the reason given for cited as 42% of black babies are aborted. Really? Could anyone really be that stupid. Does the person who is concerned about the abortion of black babies think that a stork comes and puts a random baby in a woman's stomach, and then women find out they are going to have a black baby and abort it? The reason so many black babies are aborted is that so many black mothers have abortions. And here's a news flash, 100% of black women's babies ARE BLACK! So every time a black woman has an abortion, she is aborting a black baby. Does this person really think there is an epidemic of white women trying to hide their secret black love children and so having abortions? What is this, Me, Myself and Irene?

And if we move from the legal question to the moral one, at first glance some people might want to say that even if you couldn't make it illegal it is immoral to have an abortion based on the gender or race of a baby. After all we don't want a society where people are aborting female babies like China, or aborting gay babies (if gay linked genes are found) etc. But if you stop to think about it, that's ridiculous. Either the baby is a fetus that has no right to live and the mother has the choice of whether or not she wants it to live, or the baby is a person who has rights, and as such the mother no longer has the right to choose to terminate it because the babies rights now supersede the mother's. There is no other option. Morally either killing a fetus is wrong, or it is not. The reason you killed it is not relevant. I can go outside and chop down a tree because i want to use it for fire wood, or i can go and chop it down just for fun. The reason doesn't matter, because it's a tree. During hunting season i can kill a deer because i want the meat, or because i want the head for my wall, or because i think it's fun, the reason doesn't matter. Or you could argue that i should kill a deer, but the reason is irrelevant, i can guarantee you, neither the deer nor the fetus cares what reason you fill out for the termination.


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