Saturday, March 5

If you're lame enough to vote, vote for me.

This has been an often reported idea that the left is attack the Koch brothers to get them to stop spending money. I don't think this is true. They are missing out on a fundamental aspect of leftist psychology. Specifically leftists are absolutely certain that they are right. Not only are they certain they are right, they are certain all reasonable people agree with them. Of course to some extent this is true of all people, certainly i think i'm right in my convictions otherwise i wouldn't bother discussing them. I but can understand how a reasonable person could disagree, most leftists cannot. So for them there has to be a reason behind the fact that people aren't agreeing with them. Racism is a popular reason. Well of course they don't like Obama, they're racists. I've heard this from leftist friends of mine. Why are they racist says I? You think it's just a coincidence that people all got mad and started protesting when a black man became president is the response. Actual evidence of racism not required. Stupidity. That's an old stand by. Conservatives are dumb rednecks who love guns and religion and don't know the difference between shit and shinola. That's why conservative public figures are so often portrayed as dumb, just like liberals are often portrayed as wusses. It fits into the oppositions preconceived notions. But when you lose an election as spectacularly as the democrats did last year you can't just blame racism and stupidity, there were just too many people who switched votes. So you need something else to blame. Conservatives would blame the policies, but leftists know that's impossible. They have the right policies, and everyone agrees with their policies. It is simply not a possibility that could enter a leftists head that a majority of the US disagrees with their policies. So there must be another factor. Trickery. Republicans have used big money to deceive the public into believing all these lies and misconceptions. But the goal isn't to stem specific money, the Koch money is such a tiny amount of total money as to be practically irrelevant. The goal is to convince people that they have been tricked. To stir outrage among the people who voted republican, so that next time they see an ad for a republican they think, well that's just big corporations trying to trick me. That's the goal. To delegitimize the election, and any future elections. Those people elected to office by a majority of voters don't actually represent a majority of voters. They got in by trickery and deceit. That's the real goal.


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