Wednesday, March 2

When i grow up, I want to be in the better ford center.

Totally agree that charlie sheen is winning at life. Made millions of dollars check, going to private islands with his exwife, a porn star (bree olson), and his nanny in tow, check doing a suitcase worth of drugs check. I'm not saying it's exactly the lifestyle i would choose for myself in position, but he's enjoying himself, so why does everyone else have a problem. He's clean and ready to show up for work, so why is everyone so down on the fact that he's been acting a little crazy. If it works for him it doesn't bother me. I never thought his show was funny, or worth watching just to watch, only if i had to wait 20 minutes for another show, and don't want to do anything else. But i wouldn't stop watching it just because he's acting crazy, he acts like a drunk womanizer on the show, and now people are upset that he's acting like drunk high womanizer in real life? I say go charlie sheen. Winning Duh.


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