Wednesday, February 23

You should see a doctor -- I don't think a healthy man can make that kind of smell.

This is a somewhat interesting article. Basically the point is that men act differently/perceive differently around women who are ovulating. Similarly women act differently when they are ovulating. This isn't really schocking, in fact it would be surprising if it wasn't true. It is pretty normal among other species on the planet to act differently when the female is in heat/ovulating, and as long as you believe in evolution, it would be completely normal for humans to have similar responses. But as far as we know humans don't give off, or receive pheremones that are associated with such behavior. This article doesn't go into how men know whether or not women are ovulating, i would think it would have to be through smell, but i guess there could be some sort of subconscious visual cues. I wonder if people will react poorly to this information because it suggests humans are more similar to animals than we care to admit, or will focus on the differences and highlight those, or not really even take notice of the connection.


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