Friday, February 25

Sushi? Hey, maybe this is just one of those things you hear on the playground, but isn't that raw fish?,0,6087649.column

Another example of what is wrong with america. This guy goes to an all you can eat sushi place, and refuses to eat the rice because he is diabetic. When the owner says he doesn't allow customers to just pick the fish out of the rice the guy sues. Really? First off, as the article notes, Sushi by definition has rice in it as opposed to Sashami which is without rice. In fact according to wikipedia, Sushi is the rice itself, which may or may not be topped with seafood. So this guy claims that because he's a diabetic he should be given special privileges of be allowed to pick just the meat out of the dish. And instead of just finding another restaurant he's suing for emotional distress. Really? You were emotionally distressed by finding out that sushi has rice in it, and you were too much of an idiot to know that. All you can eat places should be somewhat accommodating for people who take something and don't like it, but they should not accommodate people who want to just throw food away. I see commercials for Cici's pizza buffet, i've never been, but what if someone showed up and insisted on just eat the cheese and toppings off, because they were on a low carb diet, or even worse, just the pepperoni slices off cause that's what they like, and throwing the rest away. Or if someone went to a KFC buffet and just ate the skin off the chicken and threw the rest away. Nobody in their right mind should support that. Not only should this guy's lawsuit be thrown out immediately, he should pay be forced to pay for the restaurant's lawyer, and damages for emotional distress/possible loss of revenue to the restaurant owner because of this incident. Instead he may well win because people feel bad for the guy with diabetes. I mean really. This is just stupid.


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