Tuesday, March 1

Oh cruel Fate, why do you mock me?

Why is it hard for people to understand that words mean what the they mean. You can't just make up weird ideas in your head about how words mean something other than what they mean. I just saw a commercial for Matt Damon's new movie. It's not entirely clear, but it seems like the suggestion is that there is some overarching institution that monitors and controls the actions of everyone on the planet in an effort to maximize happiness. You didn't get that job because they determined that if you did than you would give up on your dream to be a writer and that's, or you missed that date with the hot girl because this way you both find your really true love. Okay fine. But then the narrator of the commercials says this friday (the opening of the movie) if you believe in choice, if you believe in fate, then fight for it. Suggesting that matt damon in an effort to combat this overarching organization must fight for choice (to be with the girl that they don't want her to be with) and fate (because they are fated to be together.) Except that anyone with any understanding of words realizes that of course those 2 things are opposites. If you have fate, then you do not have free choice. Your choices were by definition predestined to lead down a certain path be it love or job or whatever. And if you have free will, then you cannot have fate because every day you are making all kinds of decisions that change what your future is. Meanwhile a professional writer who was highly paid created this commercial which the movie company is spending millions of dollars to broadcast over the air, and nobody seems to care that it makes no god damn sense.

I guess to be fair the problem is that people like to believe in both at the same time. That they are in control of their destiny, and yet also that they were meant to be with the person they ultimately fall in love in with. So maybe they are trying to tap into both of those emotions at the same time, but do you really need to put 2 completely opposite ideas 5 seconds apart and pretend that they are the same.


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