Monday, March 20

You doctors have been telling us to drink 8 cups of gravy a day

So i've been eating a lot of gravy recently. It's quite delicious just to put on white bread, pop in the microwave, and eat. But recently i figured, you know what's delicious bread and gravy, and you know what else is delicious bread and cheese, so you know what might be super delicious bread with gravy and cheese. I was unfortunately mistaken. The virdict is still out a little, because this batch of gravy, which liepa made, has been dissapointing in general. althuogh the cheese and gravy wasn't bad, it wasn't worth the extra effort of putting on cheese.

Also tried to make a pizza grilled cheese, by putting tomato sauce, mozzerella and pepperoni into a grilled cheese. The main problem was that it didn't get as hot in the center as would have been ideal, and as noted earlier in this blog, the pepperoni in Lietuva is only good hot. Plus i had thought i would make it early in the day with like 4 other grilled cheeses, but go full of bread and cheese and so didn't cook it until 5 or 6 hours later, and having failed to cover the sandwich, the bread got a little harder than you would hope for.

Not exactly an experiment but today liepa and i made a huge batch of spirguciai, and so now i will experiment by putting them on various foods, until the spriguciai run out in a week. The prime suspect is koldunai, but i already know that those are a hundred times better with spirguciai, so it will be interesting to try the spirguciai in other food, like cereal. Actually my mom told me people sometimes put spirguciai in cream of wheat, so maybe i'll try that.


Blogger Aras said...

i tried spirguciai in cream of wheat, it wasn't very good. however, i'm not very good at making cream of wheat, so it might be my fault. don't tell anybody!

p.s. i also considered making a pizza grilled cheese this morning! but i didn't. i don't have time to slice things in the morning. only presliced, thank you very much. i've been making one with that salami that i bought with you and one with jautienos kumpis, which i don't like at all, i'm just waiting for it to be gone.

4:35 AM  
Blogger liepa said...

that doesn't even sound good... but i think our spirguciai/mushroom/onion mixture can improve any bread/sandwich/pasta/potato/pizza/hamburger or chicken or egg dish.

10:20 AM  

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