Sunday, March 12

Can't sleep, clown'll eat me. Can't sleep clown'll eat me.

So i recently had my first nightmare, or at least the first one i can remember waking up and then man that dream sucked. It was kovo 11, independance day. I woke up much earlier than i wanted to and after a couple of hours of internetting went back to sleep. I don't remember exactly how the dream went, but something along these lines: i was having a dream that i was lying down, and i couldn't move at all, then i heard something going on downstairs and i woke up, being relieved that it was just a dream, but i was still really tired so i figured i would just go back to bed. Then i had another dream that i was somehow trapped someplace with some tractors driving around me, and i was having trouble moving around becasue everytime i tried to go someplace another tractor came up, and almost ran me over. It was getting worse and worse with tractors coming closer and closer to hitting me. Then i woke up again, and figured screw this i don't need to go to sleep any more i'll just get up. So i went down stairs and met up with liepa, and a friend she had just made that day. Then we go to visit this other girls family, she has a lot of relatives, including for some reason some black relatives who do not speak english or lithuanian. but then as i'm walking someplace a trip and fall and all the sudden a i can't move anymore. Not only can i not move but something heavy and unpleasant is pushing down on me. Eventually i convince myself that it is not really happening but just my imagination and i am able to get up, and start telling them how terrible it was, but as i was talking a bunch of tractors start driving up to us. So once again i try to convince my self that they are not real, but at this point i'm quite sure that i have gone crazy. It keeps getting worse and worse, with periods of sanity much shorter, and periods of insanity increasingly longer and disturbing.

That's when i woke up for real. it reminds me of the futurama where leela gets stung by the space bee and thinks she's going crazy. Also when i woke up i couldn't feel my arm because i was sleeping on it funny, so that might be why i had that crazy dream. anyway, it was totally disturbing and not fun at all.


Blogger Aras said...

i used to have dreams sometimes that seomthing bad was happening and that i needed to turn on the lights or the music (braveheart). then i would wake up and try to do that, but i couldn't move. i mean i couldn't like jump out of bed or anything. i had to purposefully start moving my head first then my shoulder, torso, and only then would my legs respond. that happened at least twice, once in durham, once in germany.

6:33 AM  
Blogger Rachy said...

I have that nightmare of not being able to move every day:p

3:38 PM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

The worst part was just thinking that i was going crazy. I knew that i was losing my mind, but there wasn't anything i could do. I kept trying to tell myself that i was just imagining everything, and it would help for a little while, but then i would forget and have some strange fantasy again.

1:01 PM  

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