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Neringa Stories

So these are some stories from neringa that i have recently posted on people's facebook accounts, but i'll post them here for people don't have facebook.

From Tomas

So one time when tomas and i were at camp, we went wandering in the woods as boys are prone to do. Anyway, we got completely lost. Then we stumble upon this family of bears. We didn't what to do at first, if we should play dead or what, but we had been lost for quite some time, and ultimately we hoped the bears knew where we were better than we did. So we tried to befreind the bears by giving them the small amount of food we had lef twith us. and then we asked them nicely if they knew which way was the way back to neringa. The bears looked at us dumbley, aparently not understanding our request, but on the other hand, they didn;t eat us, which was a plus. eventually one of the bears started walking, and we followed it, because what the hell, we didn't know what else to do go do. the bear led us all the way to the wishing stone and although in general nobody knows where the wishing stone is, we made a wish on the wishing stone that somebody would find us, and they totally did. so we made it back to camp totally alive, and that's the end of that story, but that was just from our first year at camp, there are totally like a hundrend more stories, mostly even better than that. for details you should ask tomas.

Tomas strikes again

so this other time, tomas and i were wandering around campl, not lost at all like the other time, and we stumbled upon this hole in the ground. Tomas' first instinct was just to leave well enough alone, and not investigate the hole, but i was like, screw that, there's a big hole, let's find out what the hell is going on. Of course i didn't say that, because i was too young to know those words at the time, but anyway, tomas and i ventured down the hole, and we brought vytenis along for good measure. So there we were down this big hole when all the sudden we were attacked by giant spiders. We diddn't really know what to do. This wasn't like the lord of the rings where frodo had that light to protect him, we didn't have any idea what to do. tomas and i ran back up out the hole, and left vytenis down there to die. How did he eventually escape, unfortunately i don't know the full details myself, you'll have to ask him. but the moral of the story is, if you are in trouble, leave your friends to die, and they'll figure out a way out on their own.

From Gaja

Remember that time we got super drunk and tried to walk home from neringa. We hitched a ride from this midget, but because he was so small he could barely see the road. He almost got into like 10 accidents before we asked him to let us out cause we figured we'd be better off trying to walk. But then someone tried to mug us, luckily i had some iced tea powder left over so i threw it in his face and you punched him and then we started to run away, but we were too drunk to get anywhere, so the guy caught up to us. It could have been bad but then some vigilante came up and shot the mugger in the face. At first he seemed like he was going to help us, but then he found out that we were drinking illegally and then he got really pissed at us. Once again it seemed like we might be in trouble, but while he was looking away i kicked him in the back, and then you kicked him in the nads, and we managed to hitch another ride before he recovered. Anyway, i was just wondering if you remember, cause i don't but i'm pretty sure it happened.

From Aistis

Ok, so 1 time aistis and i were at camp right, and we were out in the woods, but then we heard the bell that signaled it was ice cream time, so we were like oh man, we better get back fast. So, as we are rushing back to get ice cream on time, we bump into some guy, which is totally weird to start with, cause we're like up in the secluded mountains of vermont, and there's no reason for anybody else to be up in those woods. But that wasn't the end, then this guy started talking to us about how we shouldn't rush off to eat ice cream. He was explaining that we are too attached to this world, and the temporary joy that material goods in this world bring. He tried to convince us that this attachment would ultimately lead us to feel like we were living empty hollow lives, and in the end force us to be reborn, and relive the same empty hollow lives again. But we were only like 7 years old, so we were like forget you crazy man, we're going to go get some ice cream, and we ran off, and made it in time to get ice cream.

We now return to the return of the Tomas returns

So one time, Tomas and i were swimming in the prudas (pond) cause we were like 8 years old, and back then it was totally cool to go in the prudas. Unlike when you get older than everyone thinks it's lame and smelly. Anyway we were swimming in the prudas when we see this huge whale surface. So we're thinking oh my god, how the hell could a whale get in the prudas, the entire prudas is barely big enough to contain a whale, but because we had snuck off to go to the prudas by ourselves there was nobody else there. So we are basically lifted on the whales back by force, because it consumes the entire prudas in which we were swimming, and then the whale started talking to us. We were totally weirded out, but at the same time, we were only like 8 so it wasn't that crazy in our minds for a whale to start talking to us. The whale told us that in fact it wasn't any ordinary whale (which was pretty obvious at that point) but actually a wizard trapped in a whales body, and he told us that if we helped free him, he would grant us each 1 wish. so we were like totally man, what do we have to do? It ended up being not too hard, we had to carry water from the prudas to a bucket, using a small spoon. It seemed pointless and tedious, but what did we know about wizards spells. Anyway, we freed the whale wizard. Tomas asked that people would stop making fun of canada, but unfortunately this proved beyond the capabilities of even the whale wizard, and to this day people still make fun of canada. As for me, i think it's pretty obvious what i wished for. Because of all my great experiences at neringa, there is one that stands out as the least logical, and least probable. The one that doesn't make sense unless there were some mystical force at work... And that of course is that time when we had grilled cheese 2 days in a row. Man, that was sweet.

And finally Vaida

So one time, vaida and i were at camp, and i was sitting on one of the big rocks shaped like a frog, and she was sitting on the big rock right next to it shaped like a cat. We were just sitting, whiling away the afternoon hours, when all the sudden the rocks came to life, and the giant live rock cat she was on started chasing the giant rock frog i was on. we were yelling at each other trying to figure out what to do, but they were moving too fast for us to jump off, so we just kept riding. The cat was moving faster than the frog and kept swiping at the frog's back, so i had to be wary to make sure i didn't get hit. Eventually the frog realized he wasn't going to be able to out run the cat, even though vaida was doing all she could to try to slow the cat down and end the chase. The frog ran to the prudas and up to the zip cord, hoping the cat wouldn't follow across the water but the giant rock frog was so heavy, he couldn't hold his own weight, and fell plunging both of us into the prudas. anyway, the cat didn't follow, and sulked back slowly, possibly the try to attack the giant mouse rock, allowing vaida to climb off easily. Meanwhile i was able to swim to shore, and we both walked back safely although a little shaken. Then next day we tried to talk to people about it, they just told us that we had been acting crazy all day, and they hadn't seen the rocks come to life. Someone told me he put something in our drinks at lunch as a joke, and that made us hallucinate about the rocks coming alive, but i'm pretty sure he was lying, and if we were acting crazy, it was after we saw the rocks come alive, cause we were both a little freaked out. Plus i went to look and there were totally scratch marks on the back of the frog that could have only come from a giant stone cat. If you don't believe me, you can ask vaida, or go look at the frogs back yourself, it's totally true.

So if any of you were wondering, the answer is no, i didn't make any of these stories up. They completely true, now i bet some of you though i was going to follow through with that lenard nemoy quote from the simpsons, but i'm not, cause these stories actually are true, they are firmly etched in my brain. If anyone else does remember them, that just means you guys drink too much... or too little, i forget how it works.


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