Thursday, March 8

You promised me dog or higher.

So as you may be aware the federal government has been involved in a series of expensive long term sting operations to capture dangerous villains selling unpasteurized milk to eager customers. Surely the take over metropolis can only be days away. Here are a couple of articles presenting opposite view points on the safety of non-pasteurized milk. Basically the first says it's safer, and the second says that's only true of the mass produced milk that comes from factory farms and is full of bacteria. Normal milk from a well run farm is both safe and healthier. While there are some good points made by the second article that really isn't the point. I guess it's another argument against the government, but even if i conceded that pasteurized milk is safer, I would still not concede that the government has the right to tell you what you get to eat or drink. If i chose to eat a box of nerds for dinner that's my prerogative, and if i choose to can my fruits and risk getting botulism that's my prerogative too. And if i want to drink myself stupid every night until i die of cirrhosis the government has no objection. But if i want to drink some unpasteurized milk, the same way people have been drinking it for 1000s of years, now the government is going to step in and say they can't allow that. I'm all for protecting customers from fraud/misrepresented products. But if someone comes to a farmer and says may I please purchase some unpasteurized milk and the farmer agrees, who in this country really has a problem with that? Can we have a vote on this? Instead of government of the people, by the people, and for the people we have gotten a government of the bureaucrats by the bureaucrats and for the bureaucrats who install whatever rules and laws they see fit regardless of whether they are benefiting people, or even make a basic level of sense. As far as i can tell the only purpose of having this law is to higher more people to enforce it. Thus the government continues to spawn and feed off of it's host (us).


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