Saturday, February 25

The trick is to say you're prejudiced against all races.

Isn't it funny that in such quick succession we find out that it's okay to be racist in this country as long as it's against asians, and now we find out it's okay to be a religious bigot as long as it's against mormons. Even SNL did a skit admitting that being racist against asians was fine while being racists against blacks was a crime against humanity. If you are one of the liberally protected groups (blacks, muslims, gays) then being against those people makes you evil. If you are part of some other group, then being a bigot against them is funny, because who cares about those people anyway. Asians make up a far smaller minority in this country than blacks or hispanics and so their votes aren't as important so nobody can be bothered to stand up for them. Nice to know. And it's also nice to know that while liberals claim to be so super duper tolerant they in fact are far more likely to vote against a politician based solely on his religion. To be fair this poll only addresses mormonism specifically, if their was a muslim running for president the numbers may be reversed. But the upcoming election is not going to feature any muslims and it may well feature a mormon. It's nice to know that more than a quarter of democrats will not even consider him because of his religious affiliation. (Note if someone is crazy about their religious views i consider that a seperate matter, like people who claim hurricane katrina was sent as punishment for gay marriage or something. There's a difference between being a member of a religion and being a fanatic and as far as i know nobody has accused romney of being a fanatic.


Blogger Aras said...

"The upcoming election is not going to feature any muslims"

I thought Obama's a secret Muslim.

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