Sunday, March 11

What is it with you kids and that word? I'm going to shave you bald, young man, until you learn that hair is not a right: it's a privelege!

Why is it that schools continue to insist that they can treat their students as sub people who do not have any rights. So a student from home posts something on her facebook page and the school thinks that's their business and they get to assign detention over it? Not only that, but they have the right to demand she tell them her password so they can look through her private messages? I would say i hope the teachers responsible for this get fired, but obviously that's impossible because of the teacher's union. The teachers will never face any repercussions which is probably why they feel so comfortable trampling all over their students. As a side note it's silly for the article to compare abusing students rights to making requirements of teachers and college athletes. Going to college/getting a job as a teacher are not rights, those are positions you have to earn and you will be representing your school. If they want to have certain requirements to offer a job or scholarship that's their prerogative, but elementary education is not a privilege, it's a right, in fact it's not only a right, but a requirement. You're required by law to go to school, and then the school requires you to give up your right to free speech. Therefore you are essentially legally required to give up your constitutional right. Which is obviously illegal.


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Jeez I hope she wins the suit.

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