Sunday, February 20

It's easy to point out my faults. It's a lot harder to shut up.

Here's synopsis of what is wrong with society. Everyone is a victim. People shouldn't be held responsible for their actions because they are victims of some sort, and victims are blameless. I guess it's good that at least celebrities are smart enough to recognize this fact, so tiger woods can go to sex rehab as his penance, pretend he was the victim of an addiction, and people will forgive him. This is why poeple are playing the victim card everywhere. From celebrities to politicians to the teachers in wisconsin to common criminals. That vast majority of them are not victims at all, are in fact if anything villains, but as long as people keep buying into this and giving them credit for claiming victimhood, i can't blame them for doing it.

There is one flaw in the study which is comparing people to the dalai lama. I don't think people would be hold it against the dalai lama because of the good he's done. They would hold it against him because he stands for a moral code and it would by hypocritical of him to steal. The comparison should really be to a more ordinary but heroic person like a fire fighter who is done on his luck an stole something to get by. The study doesn't specify if that kind of scenario was investigated or not, but regardless. The whole idea that someone is not responsible for their actions because they were a victim is totally bogus.


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