Saturday, February 19

The teachers will crack any minute purple monkey dishwater.

Could these protests in Wisconsin be more bizarre. Just in case anyone hasn't been keeping up to date, Wisconsin elected a republican governor, and large republican majorities in both houses last November. Naturally those republicans campaigned promising budget cuts. So Now they are trying to deliver by forcing government employees (minus police officers and firefighters) to pay more of their insurance/pension costs. Given that the cops and firefighters aren't getting cut, the big losers are teachers, so they are out protesting against this. Which i can understand. The method of their protests is what is puzzling.

First there are constant references to the governor being a dictator, and undemocratic because of these cuts. Because i guess in the teachers minds it is impossible for a person who believes in democracy to cut spending. So while the elected officials are trying to do the jobs they have been elected to do, what are the democratically elected officials doing? They've run off to Illinois. Because without any of them around the republicans can't hold a vote. So by our new definitions being elected and then holding votes on issues is undemocratic, and dictatorial while fleeing the state to prevent a democratically elected government from function is democracy at it's finest. I can't help but notice that none of the liberals who railed against republican filibusters (which is a historically accepted protocol of the senate) have any problem with these democrats not even staying in their home state (legally they can be compelled to show up, but the cops can't cross state lines to retrieve them.) So now the government is shut down because no legislation can be past until the democrats return, which they say they won't.

Beyond the confusing rewriting of the term democratic these protesters also have sign comparing the governor to Hitler, and pictures of his face with cross hairs over it. I thought we just had a big national dialogue about how violent rhetoric was bad for this country so we should stop doing it. So what does the national media think about these violent images? As far as i can tell, nothing. No mention, i guess it's not relevant because liberals are just joking around when they put cross hairs over a guys face, so that doesn't really count as violent.

Obama has come out in support of the unions, and i think he is tying himself to a sinking ship. The democrats have convinced themselves that all of their policies are popular, despite their huge losses in November. The average compensation for a Milwaukee teacher is over $100,000. only $56,000 of that is in salary, the rest is in other benefits like pensions and health insurance. It's also not clear to me if that's the real cost, or that still leaves the pensions underfunded, as they usually are. I suspected the real cost will end up be higher because whatever they are allocating for pensions won't be enough. That's one problem that most of the teachers don't realize just how much their pension is worth. They look at their salary and think it's not that high, but those pensions are worth just as much. I would be happy to give teachers a raise, as long as they give up pensions and start using 401Ks like everyone in the private sector. So the average teacher makes more than $100,000, and Obama and democrats really think that people are going to side against cutting government workers pay? I guess it's possible, but i thinks it's highly unlikely. Democrats should not try to make an issue out of this, because when average Americans realize just how much money government employees are making, none of them are feel bad for them. As many government employees as there are, there are even more people who are paying those taxes and will not be very upset to see those benefits trimmed.


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