Monday, November 22

Are you using enough fertilizer? I'm only one man.

So even al gore finally admits ethanol was a bad policy. Unfortunately it's a little too late. Isn't it funny how often the policies concocted by environmentalists turn out to be bad policies. Like the anti nuclear fad in the US. we could be getting the majority of our electricity from nuclear facilities instead of from fossil fuels right now, but the environmentalists would let us, so there have been no new nuclear plants built in the US in what 30 years. Only now it turns out it's fossil fuels killing the environment, not nuclear energy. Oh well. Too late now. Same as the ethanol policy. It costs more energy to create ethanol then you get out of it, plus it drives up the cost of gas and corn (which drives up the price of meat of animals cause they eat corn.) So in conclusion, no benefit, lots of minuses, sounds like an environmentalist might come up with.


Blogger Aras said...

Yeah what a jerk ass. But I guess that's not news.

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