Friday, November 12

I take a whiskey drink! I take a chocolate drink! And when I have to pee, I use the kitchen sink!!;_ylt=AlrZ3akt0cLq6ClkkfXahYxzfNdF

More food related shenanigans. Now they are banning drinks that combine alcohol and caffeine. Cause that's such a hard thing to do at home, that if we ban pre-made concoctions nobody will be able to mix them anymore. Oh now wait. There are plenty of drinks that already mix caffeine and alcohol, rum and coke, vodka red bull, irish coffee, etc. The kids who got too drunk admit they drank vodka/rum/other hard alcohols, so why would we assume that the energy drink is responsible. especially cause the people drinking it were doing so illegally, and were inexperienced drinkers. If someone illegally gets a gun/car/whatever and starts using it recklessly that doesn't mean it should be outlawed for anyone to use, it means those people shouldn't have been using it. At the end of the day it doesn't matter because there is no simpler cocktail to make than vodka red bull, so if college students want to mix alcohol and caffeine they will, and i doubt that these other drinks have either as much caffeine, or as much alcohol as a vodka red bull does.


Blogger Aras said...

You're quite right: whenever I buy a premade cocktail (rarely), I do have to add extra booze to make it drinkable, they're always too sweet. Inexperienced drinkers wouldn't know that and would end up consuming less alcohol than if they mixed their own.

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