Monday, November 15

Why would the TSA want to touch a girl's butt? That's where cooties come from!

This article is obviously dead on. I was having this identical conversation with my father, and then read this article the next day. The worst thing about this is that not only is it pointless, everyone knows it's pointless, they don't even pretend it's not pointless. Neither the new imaging devices, nor pat downs would have prevent either of the 2 most recent self bombing attempts. (the underwear bomber, and the anal cavity bomber.) The government has aknowledge as much. (i think their official position, is they are not sure if these techniques could prevent the underwear bomber, but we all know the government officials wouldn't say that unless they in fact new that it wouldn't work.) So as this article points out, the only point of this is theater. So we can make a big deal about the fact that we are doing everything we can to prevent terrorism, even though we all know that what we are doing is pointless. It's time to disband the TSA. They can still bags for bombs, i've got no problem with that. And you can still have metal detectors, but beyond that, all this new stuff has to go, and all the people, and all the salary being paid to them has to go to. They want to claim that these imaging techniques are not dangerous. And in some sense they aren't. To an indivdual flying once a year to visit his family, the risk of harm from these machines is arbitrarily close to 0. But if have millions of people going through them daily people will get cancer from that. That is a fact. And if you want to avoid being the unlucky one gets cancer then you have have to have a pat down which includes searching your genitals. That includes children by the way. Children who are most at risk from radiation, and so should not go through the machine, would then be required to have some TSA agent but his hand on their junk. It is time to end the persecution and harrassment of ordinary people.


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I think some sexual molestation lawsuits might speed things up.

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