Friday, November 5

When will people learn, democracy doesn't work.

This is an interesting take on the election, that i hadn't really seen anywhere else. Essentially the point being that the way the republicans gained back their majority was by winning seats in conservative districts that had been held by democrats. Some of those being districts held by conservative blue dog democrats, and some held by democrats for 20-30 years when both the parties, and the electorate were different. As the author concludes this would make it much harder for the democrats to win back the majority in 2012, or later because some of these conservative districts could be expected to remain republican for a long time. Good news for republicans, bad news for democrats, in terms of anti obama/democrat feelings it actually implies it may not run as deeply as otherwise implied by the election. It was a natural reordering that was bound to happen at sometime. That could also explain why the republicans did better than expectecd in the house, but not as well in the senate.


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That's similar to what Krauthammer wrote in a different way today.

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