Thursday, November 18

Of course, none of this would have happened if you had been here to keep me from acting stupid.

I can understand how this guy feels, there's a little bug inside me that which wants to say wouldn't it be great if we could torture prisoners to get them to confess, or lock someone up even if his rights had been violated. Or wouldn't it be great if we could bar morons like Jay Rockefeller from holding public office, or even voting. But then i realize silly me, we have this thing called a constitution that prevents me, or anyone from doing those things. Because it was decided a long time ago that we should have freedom of the press, and that a person could not be forced to testify against himself and that his freedom couldn't be taken away without due process. I realize i must have been an idiot and probably drunk to have ever thought of anything as bizarrely stupid as outlawing news organizations that promote politics/news coverage/entertainment that i don't agree with, and thank my lucky stars that i'm not a politician so it doesn't matter that i could have such a openly tyranical thought pass through my head, and that at least i could never be stupid enough to ever saying anything like that in public.


Blogger Aras said...

Right. He's such a dick head.

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