Monday, November 3

Let's enslave the rich people.

I could not be more tired of Obama's claim that the middle class should vote for him because he will only raise taxes on the wealthiest people. That is not in itself a justification for raising taxes. Why doesn't he just argue that he will raise taxes on the top 49% of earners, and give all their money to the bottom 51% so they should all vote for him. What if we proposed to enslave 25% percent of the population and force them to do all the work, while the rest of sit back and relax. You can choose the 25% percent however you want, ethnicity/race/creed/education/wealth/etc. the point is we'll only make 25% of them slaves and so the other 75% of you should vote for me. I forget what the numbers are, but if i remember correctly, the top 5% of earners pay 60% of taxes, and more than 50% of the budget is just wealth distribution. So that means that the top 5% of earners already in effect fund the entire federal government (minus wealth redistribution.) Now in fairness wealth redistribution includes programs like social security, which is a bit of a gray area, because people who are now retired were forced to pay it way back when, and it would not be fair to completely cut their legs out from under them. But if we were to stop all wealth redistribution, we could cut taxes on everyone below Obama's 5% and still fund the federal government. (maybe it was medicare and social security combined which was over 50%, i don't remember exactly.)


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