Thursday, October 23

Finally san fransisco might do something right.

San fransico may decriminalize prostitution over the objects of most city officials. The measure is on the ballot. The main complain seems to be that 1. it would give pimps too much power, or 2 it would prevent investigation into sex slavery. As to the first, all you need to do is make pimping illegal. Prostitution can be legal without pimps. as to the second, i don't really know what the solution is. The ultimate solution would be legalize and regulate prostitution decreasing the motive for men to visit illegal prostitution rings. However prostitution will still be illegal in california, so they can't legalize it/regulate it all they can do is stop arresting people for it. Plus of course state police can still arrest people for it, so i don't know how much, if any impact this will have. An interesting side note, according to the article prostitution is not illegal in rhode island. that is to say that street walking, and brothels are illegal, but the sale of sexual services between consenting adults behind closed doors is not. I'm not sure what constitutes a brothel, would roommates who both sell sex be considered as operating a brothel? In any case, i would be interested in knowing the different statistics on prostitution between rhode island, and other states. (although once again rhode island is not regulated in anyway, which i would think would be very helpful in preventing sexual slavery, but possibly not necessary if there are plenty of consenting women.)


Blogger Aras said...

i'd be interested in that too. why don't you do some research on that and then interview some hookers at work.

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