Thursday, October 23

I'm going to punch you in the face for that.

why is everyone so angry (especially liberals.) Now i will admit that i am conservative and so to some extent i may read more about liberal crimes than conservative ones, but i don't think it is disputable that liberals have been far more violent in attacking conservatives both verbally and physically this election season. We just today had a case where a robber after learning his victim was a McCain supporter cut a B into her face (presumably for Barack) a conservative who had his house shot up, the case of the woman holding a McCain sign when a guy came up took it broke it and then proceeded to beat her on the head with it, etc. This is all just anecdotal of course, but the police are already trying to beef up their numbers for the election, in case Obama loses. That is simply a fact. There is no such concern if McCain loses. There is wide spread concern that if Obama loses there violence throughout the streets. people need to get a grip on themselves. I guess it's good for people to care about an election, but you don't need to be violent about it. Obama isn't really the savior of man kind, and McCain isn't really the devil (or viceversa) and humanity won't land into a pit of despair with one, and heaven on earth with the other, so get a grip. I am at most a mild McCain supporter, because of my distaste for both candidates, but i am now very strongly rooting for McCain just because of how funny it will be if all the people who have already assumed Obama has won are going to be disappointed. That would make me laugh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama already won. no need to vote

8:14 AM  
Anonymous ieva said... in 2004, Kerry was ahead by almost double digits a week before the election. And if you anyone who reads this is a responsible American, they will go out and vote. No matter which candidate you support. also, if you support obama but haven't voted, or if you are undecided, here's a few things you should consider:

10:39 PM  
Blogger Aras said...

I almost hope Obama wins and the inevitable happens, just to prove how wrong he and the other socialists are.

3:04 AM  
Blogger Aras said... here's an article on an attack of that sort.

3:08 PM  

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