Thursday, October 30

Smoke em while you can.

This is another outrage. No surprise it is coming from MA. They want to ban cigar bars/selling cigarretes at drug stores, and selling them on college campuses. What possible right do they have to prevent people from legally purchasing a product. They want to keep cigarettes out of drug stores because they think it's wrong for a product that is unhealthy to be sold at a store that promotes good health. Really? So i'm going to assume they are also banning candy, and chips, and other unhealthy foods from these drug stores right? They want to ban hookah bars because they attract people who are old enough to smoke, but not old enough to go to alcohol bars. Really? That's shocking!!! So what you are saying, is you are concerned about the legal use of tobacco by people who are 18-21. If you don't want people who are 18-21 to smoke then make it illegal. Don't say it's legal, but we will take every step possible to prevent you from obtaining it. What kind of a system is this. Who's in charge of this operation. This is an outrage. Hey you want to keep 18-21 year olds out of hookah bars? make it legal for them to drink. That will get them to go to those real bars. It has been widely reported that poor people tend to eat unhealthy food, are you going to ban all fatty/unhealthy foods from poor neighborhoods. Prevent the fast food companies from targeting poor people. Anyone who hasn't seen thank you for smoking ought to do so. This is just one more outrageous example of the democrats trying to take people's rights away. And i'm quite sure my distate of smoking equals anyone's. I don't like it when people smoke, i don't like the smell, and i don't like what they are doing to themselves, but it's their choice. Where are people who claim to be pro choice. Once again they are not pro choice, but rather pro what they think is moral choice, and anti what they consider to be an immoral choice.

The number 1 killer in America is cholesterol, and here comes Senator Finisterre who's clogging the nation's arteries with Vermont cheddar cheese.


Blogger Aras said...

Barbara Ferrer is in charge, according to the WSJ. There are a bunch of comments here, mostly agreeing with you, if you're interested:

I don't get why cigarette lobbyists aren't better at blocking these initiatives. Bogus? Bogus. Bogus's Believe It Or Bogus.

3:37 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

It's too easy to demonize. If someone tried to put a tax on, or limit the sale of unhealthy food, people would riot in the streets, but nobody stands up for cigarette smokers. This is why we need more libertarians in the world.

12:55 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

re ballot measure: looks like you're wrong about the riots, unless there were riots that i don't know about in maine: "Maine residents voted to repeal a new law that would increase taxes on beer and wine and impose new taxes on soda to finance the state’s health insurance system."

3:15 AM  

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