Thursday, October 30

Let's support every side. That's the way to be popular.

I don't see how democrats can do this with a straight face. This is an article about the fact that the democratic party has been going out and recruiting people to run as anti abortion in districts that they could never win as the pro abortion party. I'm not saying party members all need to have the same stands about everything, (although they did kick lieberman out of the party solely because of his disagreement about the war in iraq/afganistan) but to go out and recruit people who are opposed to one of your basic principals. Nor can i understand anyone who would vote for an anti abortion democrat, but not for a pro abortion democrat. An anti abortion democrat is by definition a pro abortion democrat because he will strengthen the democratic party, and help them pass pro abortion legislation, and or send pro abortion judges to the federal judiciary. I am ambivalent towards abortion, my main concern is why the father has no rights whatsoever. Under the current system the woman has all the choice, the father is required to support a child he would rather have aborted, and has no recourse if he wants to keep the child and the mother doesn't. Why is that a fair system. It seems at the least if we agree that abortion is legal, if the father doesn't want the child and the mother does, than the mother has the choice to keep the child, but cannot demand that the father also be responcible for it. at that point it is her responsibility. We have agreed it's not a person, and we have the right to destroy, if the mother decides not to, then she is solely responcible for the creation of a person. anyway, that's a different subject, this article is about the democrats recruiting anti abortion people to run.


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