Thursday, October 23

Our team needs a shortstop real bad

As some of you (aras) might be aware, Orson Scott Card is a science fiction writer. His most well known book (i believe) is ender's game, which is an interesting book, and series, which i recommend to people out in blog land. He is also a life long democrat recenently turned republican, and a part time columnist i believe. This is a column that i suggest for reading. it doesn't really have anything new in it for people who have been paying attention, mostly it blasts the media for it's liberal bias, and failure to make these issues more widely known/appreciated. The article is interesting on it's own, but doubly interesting because it was written by card.


Blogger Aras said...

i read the article yesterday at the gym, it was quite good and all true. all very mysterious too; how can it be possible that no national news service is putting forth the facts?

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