Tuesday, October 21

You can come up with statistics to prove anything. 40% of all people know that.

The problem with global warming is that it is taken by too many people as fact, and beyond skeptism. Global warming activist literally put those who are skeptical on the same level with holocaust deniers. If it comes out that somebody put pressure on an organization to be less dire with their predictions it's an enormous scandal, but at the same time when a governors science minister (i don't remember the actual title, i think it was in washington, or oregon) says he is skeptical he can be fired without any protestations. I'm talking about an actual scientist fired by the governor because his scientific view point didn't match the prevailing political winds. In what kind of society is that acceptable? So there was a recent study conducted in Britain to demonstrate that using reusable diapers is better for the environment than using diapers you just through away. There's only one problem, the conclusion of the study was that reusable diapers have a significantly higher carbon footprint than thrown away diapers. You might think that this would get a lot of attention, but you would be wrong. Instead the study was "hushed up", and future research into the subject was canceled. So because they didn't like the results of their research they intend to pretend the research doen't exist.

This reminds me of a very classic example of a doctor mathmetician. This was a couple hundred years ago i guess, i don't remember the details, but this guy was a mathmetician as well as a doctor, so he thought he would do a statistical study how much leaching helped his patients. Now everyone already knew that leaching was good for the patients, the only question was how good, so he did some sort of systematic research measuring how well patients got when they were leached vs. not leached and after a while he came to an unexpected discovery, it turned out the patients he was leaching were not doing any better than those he wasn't leaching. This of course left only 1 logical conclusion, he decided he hadn't been leaching his patients enough. I don't have a problem with global warming research, i don't even have a problem with people who want to start using more nuclear/wind/solar power in place of oil/coal, but to squelch discussion/research as global warming activists have done is terrible, especially because they have government support in their efforts.

I have written in the sites of both the study on diapers, and that of another author who talks about the fact that temperatures now are in fact exactly what they were in the early 80s, after a decline in recent years, as well as the fact that temperatures now are not as warm as they were in the middle ages when we had a "global warming"




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