Saturday, October 18

I thought plumbers were named mario and luigi

This obsession with Joe the plumber has really gotten old, especially coming from the left, but just in general. This is some guy who asked Obama a question while Obama was campaigning in his neighborhood. The right all finally woke up, shit themselves, and realized why didn't we ever do that. So they started promoting the hell out of the incident. Meanwhile the left (as well as major newspapers) have been trying to attack the guys credibility. It was reported for example that he doesn't have a plumbers license (which he doesn't need because he works for a company that has a license) and debate as to whether or not his taxes would really be higher under Obama's plan. He everybody, joe the plumber is just some guy, who asked a question. It doesn't matter who joe the plumber is, it doesn't matter if he owes back taxes (it turns out he does) that doesn't make his question any more or less relevant. It's the question that is important. The question is about taxes on small businesses. Whether joe's business in particular will really face higher taxes is now the most important question facing america. Hey He's just one guy, there are millions of us out here. The question is not about this one guy, it's about all the business that will face higher taxes, it's about whether or not jobs will be lost because of higher taxes, it's about whether Obama imposing that exact same measures as hoobert hoover will have a beneficial effect on our economy, why the hell are we debating the personal life of Joe the plumber?


Blogger Aras said...

it's because joe is typical, and a huge demographic can compare themselves to him. like you said, there's millions of us. what's wrong with everybody using a good basis for comparison for once in our lives?

4:40 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

My problem is that joe's question is no less valid if for example he has a criminal record, and no more valid if he's a saint he helps his elderly neighbors take out the garbage. The question is where the focus should be, not his personal life.

4:42 PM  
Blogger Aras said...

you're right about that.

4:48 AM  

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