Wednesday, October 15

I like it white, thick, and creamy

So i was at the store today, and at the checkout line i noticed that near all the candy/gum/magazines/other impulse items at the checkout they had a new item i had never noticed before. now my understanding is that these are supposed to be items that people don't really need, they don't go to the store looking for these items, but seeing them on the way out, can be convinced basically, what the hell, i'll grab that candy bar and eat it in the car. So today i noticed a very large part of the checkout area was dedicated to Mayonnaise. Now as most people reading this blog are aware, I believe Helman's Real Mayonnaise (which this was) is the best condiment in existence. Not everyone subscribes to that theory yet, but they will someday. In any case even i thought this was weird. Someone is leaving the store after getting everything he needs, and walks by and says "hell i'll get a jar of mayo to eat in the car on the way home." It was clear that there were jars missing so someone was grabbing them. I guess i congratulate the world on becoming more Mayonnaise friendly.


Blogger Aras said...

Maybe they did some research and found that mayo is one of the most common things people forget to get. Not us, though: we've got about six XL jars of it in the cupboard, just in case. We've got about 16 bottle of BBQ sauce that are going to expire soon...I gotta start making food for them more often.

2:59 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

sounds like you are going to have to start putting barbeque sauce in your coffee. ( i realize you stopped drinking coffee because of it's foulness.) I just always liked that line. "Marge your food only has 2 moves, shake and bake." "you love shake and bake, you used to put it in your coffee."

12:52 AM  

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