Sunday, October 2

Sure, Everything looks bad if you remember it.

So i'm posting, because the other night something super hilarious happened. I told liepa several times that the next morning i would write about on kaip suprast, however as often happens i forgot said thing, but it was totally hilarious, and i'm sure you would have all got a kick out of it, so you can just pretend like you read something really funny and go about your day, or you can read about a couple of other funny incidents from the night in question that are still lodged in my memory.

So liepa and i drank a little at home, and then some more on the bus, so when we got to the first bar, and met up with everyone, she was the only one not to order a beer. Well that was all well in good if she didn't want to start drinking again right away. So after half and or so, everyone has finished their beer and we decided to go to a bar where there was room to sit inside, because a couple of people were getting cold. We arrive at the bar, and once again everyone orders beer, it get's to liepa's turn, and this time she decides whe will in fact get something, she orders some soup.

Later that night we were hanging out with a bunch of lithuanians, and one of them asked whether i knew anything about some guy named hagel. But what i heard very clearly was jager. And so i looked back and was like "Jager?" and he nodded his head, also having not heard me properly, and so i said again "jagermeister?" and then he said "no no jager, jager" or at least that's what i heard. needless to say the situation continued in confusion for at least 30 seconds, before i finally realized what was going on, and we all had a long delicious laugh.

also i just remembered another hilariouscity which occured when liepa and i threw a party at our place a couple weeks ago. We were sitting around the coffee table, when someone noticed what appeared to be a news paper article sitting on table. He picked it up and started reading it, find the headline "Alcoholic father dissapointed in pothead son to be very funny." They found a couple more such articles and people started reading them thinking that they were real news, not realizing they actually articles from the onion that aras had printed out and left there. One was actually about the other supreme court justices devouring sandra day o'connor after she retired, in a ritual that dated back to the first supreme court.


Blogger darius said...

that sucks that your confusion didn't end in delicious jager-drinking.

where did you learn the english language, by the way?

11:46 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

Yes I'm sorry i do not speak english, Okay.

Yes Yes hotdog hotdog yes sir no sir maybe okay.

3:12 PM  
Blogger Aras said...

i also thought it was gonna end with lokys accidentally ordering a round of jager!

it was awesome anyway!

plus...i can't help but wonder if it's thanks to me that you got into the habit of taking shots at home and drinking a cocktail from a plastic bottle on the bus to town :D

3:51 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

sorry to dissapoint, but jager is pretty expensive. Plus i am not actually as big a fan as the other posters on the blog, who i believe would eat jager with their cereal.

Taking shots at home, and drinking on the bus is just common sense, when you compare the price of booze in clubs. Drinking a mysterious looking red subtance out of a wine bottle that had the label ripped off was definitely something i learned from you. I was King of the winos (as in news radio)

2:18 PM  

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