Monday, June 27

Neringa Nostalgia

You like that alliteration. Yeah so i'm bored, and neringa is only a couple weeks away, so i figured it would be fun if everyone was to mention one, or more of their favorite, or funny moments, or just something that sticks out in their head. Something stupid you did once. i remember when we were in pirmas or antras or something, we used to collect rocks that sparkled. I don't remember for sure, but i think we probably traded them, and we hid stashes under our namelis. used to find so much fun in the most mundane things.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i remember going to neringa from year to year, moving from 7tas to 8tas all the way to 12tas...and each year meeting the boys from 1mas, then 2as, and all the way to 6tas...and cock blocking every single one of them all summer, year after year...those were the days!

--Linda Tripp

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Lord Graham Cracker said...

Damn Linda it looks like you are a bit frigid. i'm sorry to take pleasure in guys getting blue balls

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Lord Graham Cracker said...

wooops typo maybe i should read over what i say what i meant was that you are really frigid if you take pleasure in guys blue balls.

5:26 PM  
Anonymous linda tripp said...

i remember when i used to be known as frigid...but now that i cock blocked bill clinton, i'm known as a crusader for justice!

11:15 AM  

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