Thursday, September 22


Well on top of the fact that i was only at studentu for a couple of days, and my memory is hazy, like the moors of scotland, i feel that there must be some sort of a post about my various funny recollections from studentu.

First at simas' place, probably nobody else remembers this, but someone tried to move the potato chips to keep them out of the dogs mouth, and inadvertantly move them directly into the path of the dogs tail, sending a hailstorm of chips everywhere. Well not so much a hailstorm, more like 10 chips, but it would have been more if the chips were not quickly moved to a safer location.

coming back from our night time excersion and finding pounds and pounds of seslikai was probably the best thing that ever happened. They were so delcious, and there was virtually a limitless supply. For anyone who didn't go to simas birthday party, this is the one thing that you really missed out on.

Also something funny happened when me and simas went to wake gintas up, but i don't recall now what it was. Possibly he made some retarted face. maybe gintas can enlighten us if he remembers.

So on to neringa. The Ultimate frisbee game was of course one of the highlights to me, becuase 1 it was awesome, but 2 it was also hilarious. i don't think anyone ever led by more than 1 point, until the final score of 10-8, so it was certainly a very competative game, but probably the best was watching someone throwing it deep to vaskys. that was awesome. also when gintas destroyed someone with his fore arm. dainius maybe? i don't remember but he jumped up and destroyed the top of someones head.

Although i didn't witness it personally also very hilarious was when bennet looked at his clock wrong and thought we woke him up at 2:30 in the morning, when it was actually like 12, and came out super pissed. Then Gintas thought he was kovas, and runs up to him in the dark being like hey kovai. But then when gintas got within a few feet he realized his mistake and said your not kovas, too which bennet replied in a super scary voice, simply "no, no i'm not" once again gintas could elaborate, because he was actually there, but given that lack of posts, i felt it necassary to put up my second hand version.

Possibly the moment that stands out most was when alvydas left manu namelis while we were all partying, and then came back with a plate of sandwhiches and 3-4 half full bottles of various booze. he was not however content simply to bringup booze, he wanted to make sure people drank it. So he went around trying to force people to drink. When i told him not to make dainius drink, because he had thrown up a couple days ago from drinking to much, alvydas' response was "nu nebuk vadovas loky" hilaroius, except that he made dainius drink more, although dainius told me that he didn't actually drink from the bottle while it was pushed up against his lips. but not content just forcing guys to drink, as i recall, he actually opened gaja's mouth and forcibly inserted the vodka bottle despite her protests.

Also i lied, without a doubt the moment the most sticks out from studentu was when we all went to have a party in the fridge. There were like 8 of us in the fridge, someone started humming some sort of music and then everyone started to dance around like idiots. Not content with that show of buffoonery, everyone grabbed huge salamis and started yelling about sauage fest, because there was only 2 girls and about 10 guys. At the time there was only 1 girl in the fridge, and it wasn't long before said girl got a salami in the face. As i recall, first someone put a salami in her face and she repelled it, but then vinny, point out and said hey gint or something, and gaja turned her face to look, and then vinny got her flush in the face with a salami. That was clearly the most hilarious moment of studentu, and i've got it on film.

Also note, i have not been able to download my movies onto my computer yet, because i did not bring the proper software to lietuva, but my mom is bringing it for me when she comes, so i should have the movies in a couple of weeks, at which point i will try to send them to people.

Other interesting, funny, or random musings and memories-The way people kept talking about mounting ulga (a nearby mountain they were going to climb). How aistis lit off a fire cracker in the dead of night after 2 consecutives days of talking about being quite and not waking up bennett. Having someone named aistis and aiste at camp at the same time. The hammock gintas and i made, all gintas' idea, but it was awesome. Vytenis contracting another dread disease (the same disease kept one of the vikings offensive linemen in the hospital for like 3 weeks) and just barely making it to studentu before i had to leave. Gintas with a mohawk? and the gintas with no hair? When all the guys went swimming after ultimate, and it seemed very much like we were having somesort of a gay party, especially cause the boxers i was wearing at the time had no button, and the were flapping pretty openly, allowing anyone with the want a pretty good peak at my deliciousness.

I have to go, so that's enough musings for now, but hopefully everyone else will elaborate, expand, and add to these musing some hilarious memories of there own, and some of the things that happened once i was gone.


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hey....that has absolutely nothing to do with neringa...who are you? and AMAZING post LOKY!!!!

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Blogger darius said...

what is studentu? is that like trecia?

11:52 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

trecia? i thought studentu was more like penkta!

9:24 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

Studentu was held at the end of neringa, it's for 17+ i think or maybe 18+. They have also been holding the same thing in the winter between christmas and new years, sometimes including new years sometimes not. Basically it's totally awesome, and for anyone who hasn't gone yet, and has the chance to go, and reads this blog, (if such a person exists), you should go

2:08 PM  
Blogger darius said...

do you mean kalakursai and ateintininku renginiai?

4:59 PM  
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