Monday, September 19

That's a pretty lousy lesson. Hey, I'm a pretty lousy president.

This Solyndra thing strikes as just being stupid, not crooked. Obama has so convinced himself that green jobs must work that he believes they really will work, even when the numbers say it won't. He wanted a big green jobs project to show off, and that's why he forced the loan even when it wasn't wise. On the other hand the LightSquared thing seems inherently corrupt. There is no innocent justification for it that i can see. Clearly a donor went to talked to Obama/minions about his business, and then Obama/minions went about trying to make things easier for the donor. This isn't exactly the worst thing ever, i'm sure it happens in politics all the time. But mostly what i'm sure of is that bush had forced a big loan to a company experimenting with new ways to drill for oil that went bust, or went out of his way to try to help a military contractor that had given him a big donation, the news would be enormous. Obama hasn't been able to dodge all of the Solyndra fall out, but not nearly enough people are questioning why we should even listen to any of his suggestions on a new stimulus when everything coming out of the last one proves so disastrous.


Blogger Aras said...

I agree. It seems way out of proportion to give away $535 million for a donation of $50 thousand--that's a 1,070,000% return. Stupidity seems a much more likely culprit.

I think the same is true of Perry and the vaccines. The guy in donated $5,000, out of a total $30 million Perry generated that year. I wish Bachmann and Palin would both shut the fuck up about it.

2:24 AM  
Blogger Trashcan said...

Plus there is no serious evidence of the vaccine causing any kind of real problems. The vaccine has to be given before girls are sexually active in order to work, so there's nothing wrong with giving it to them when they are 12. I mean let's just be honest about it. Not every girl is going to have sex before she turns 18, but many of them will. I think the decision should be left in the hands of the parents, but i think that about all vaccines. If the school is allowed to require mumps vaccines, than this is no different. Yes some/maybe all of these vaccines can have some side effects, but the rate/severity of the side effects is hugely outweighed by the benefits.

1:26 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

There is a big difference between this and mumps, as I understand it, albeit limitedly. Mumps is contagious, cervical cancer is not. Or did I miss something?

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