Friday, September 16

The school's on strike, maybe forever! Oh, overload, pleasure overload...

Why do adults think that lecturing kids on what makes gay people good will cause kids to be less resentful of gays? I would expect it to make them more resentful. Maybe it will make them more cautious about making their feelings known, but i don't think it will make them any friendlier. This reminds me of an episode of louie i just saw. Louie goes to a PTA meeting where they are discussing the schools big problem which is something along the lines of child apathy, but they had some other word for it. And after several of them bring up various stupid points louie just goes isn't the problem just that school sucks. I mean it's school, it's supposed to suck, you do the best you can, but it's school. Kids don't respect the things they have to learn in school, that stuff is stupid, and to be mocked. They may remember it to do well on an exam but they don't come home with a new found respect for the information. Hey i thought gays were stupid, but according to the teacher actually they are awesome, i learned so much today. Really? That's how you think this is going to work? On a related note, this seems like a good plan.


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