Wednesday, September 14

Outsiders have kidnapped some of our property. We must respond with our deadliest weapon... The lawyers.

Here's a plan, how about you stop eating at white castle. I don't want to get into any fat jokes, if this guy wants to be fat that's his choice. But if he then finds life to be less comfortable because of his obesity, it's not up to society to conform to his choice to be obese. If white castle wants to conform voluntarily in order to attract more fatties that would make sense, but if they don't then that's their choice. Stop eating there. Also when he brings up pregnant women? Really? Because that's what pregnant women really need better seating areas at white castle. If other fast foot restaurants are more comfortable, go eat there. Instead he decides to sue somebody to get all of society to conform to him.


Blogger Aras said...

yeah what a douchebag. that reminds me of this movie:

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