Tuesday, September 13

I stand by my ethnic slur! Do your worst, you filthy, pretencious savages!

More good news from the war in Libya. There's no doubt that some of these weapons will end up in the hands of people fighting against american soldiers, and will be used to take down american airplanes. This raises a few questions 1. was it really worthwhile to invade libya in the first place. And 2. was it really worthwhile to completely avoid having american soldiers involved. Obama kept american soldiers out of Libya for political purposes. So he could claim there was no war, although i think gaddafi might disagree. In any case what if the involved of US soldiers had led to 100 deaths, but also the destruction/capture of a lot more of Gaddafi's weapons preventing the possible deaths of a 1000 soldiers in the future. In the short term politically a hundred deaths now is much worse than a possible 1000 deaths at some undetermined future date. Even if those deaths happen they are unlikely to be traced to these weapons and so there will be no political fallout. The end result being that political incentives it is politically prudent for the president to trade 100 american soldiers today for 1000 tomorrow. Of course these numbers are completely made up, and the entire question is hypothetical, but i do think it's worth considering.


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