Wednesday, July 27

When I held that gun in my hand, I felt a surge of power... like God must feel when he's holding a gun.

So when police officers not allowed to carry weapons they have trouble apprehending armed men? Well this is really a shocking development. If some of the people there had been armed, it also wouldn't have been so easy for this guy to just keep around shooting people with impugnity. I like the norwegians quote he would rather live in a country where the cops are unarmed because it sends a signal that it's a peaceful society. That would be nice if it was a peaceful society. I would also like to live in a society where cops don't need to carry weapons because people are killing each other, but that's not the society we live. This article doesn't mention anything about what is leading to the uptick in violent crime, it might be interesting to look at what's causing it. I would put immigration and bad economy as my 2 prime suspects without any knowledge. Some people might try to blame violent movies or some other thing. But in the meantime police officers should have guns. If you want to say not every police officers needs a gun, maybe i could get behind that. I can also believe taht having guns makes cops feel important and encourages them to act in more abusive ways towards the non armed people they are supposed to protect. So if you want to say only police officers who go through extensive extra gun training/pass various tests/whatever can carry guns that might be okay, but there needs to be a significant number of cops who have a gun readily available. (Of course i also would encourage a better armed citizenry, but that's a whole other issue.) Maybe there is nobody else in the country who has any interest in going on a killing rampage, but if there is even 1 or 2 others in the whole country, the ease with which this guy did is likely to encourage others to try. The now know there will be little to no resistance. Norway can keep living in a dream world where nobody ever attacks each other, but that dream is going to turn into a nightmare for the people who are attacked and have nobody to defend them.


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