Saturday, July 2

The trick is to say you're prejudiced against all races.

Of course. Now i get it. To prevent people from using race as a determing factor in a person qualification is unconstitutionally racist. Because if we don't use race to determine a persons qualification then we are unconstitutionally discriminating against them because of their race. No wait. How does this make sense again? It's one thing to support affirmative action and say it's a good thing if harvard decides they want to use affirmative action. It's quite another for a federal court system to tell a state it is illegal for them to ban race determination in their college admissions. An overwhelming majority of michigan voters decided they don't think it's appropriate for their state schools to determine admissions based on race, and a couple of federal judges get to overrule the entire state based on what exactly? It's just silly. Nor does preventing race determination actually prevent schools from encouraging kids who grew up in bad situations. They can still use low income affirmative action, inner city affirmative action, didn't grow up in a stable family affirmative action. The only difference is that that way rich black kids won't get preferential treatment over poor white kids. Is that's racist because?


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