Saturday, July 9

I'm not gonna lie to you, Marge. Well, goodbye.

First off, i don't understand why anybody cares about the casey anthony case. In case anybody doesn't know, she is a 25 year who is accused of murdering her toddler child and recently was aquitted by a jury. A lot of people seem convinced she was guilty. Okay maybe she was, so what. There what 10,000 a 100,000 murders in the country a year, meanwhile for some reason this one is so important that this woman is going to be getting multi-million dollar deals for her story/appearing on various shows. And this isn't just a consequence of the outcome, this case was enormous the whole time. So she was convicted of lying to the police instead and will be let out soon because of time already served. But on a more important note it brings us to this article. people care so much about this girl getting off that they want to create new laws that she could have been charged with. This and similar laws ought to be unconstitutional. The purpose of this law is specifically to punish someone for a crime which cannot be proven. If police think that a woman killed her child, but cannot prove it they will try to use this law to punish her instead. That is only purpose of this law. The same thing goes on with anti-gun laws. Mobsters are killing people/dealing drugs/etc. and so the government wants to put them in jail. But they cannot prove the crimes against them, so they create artificially large punishments for basic gun law violations. Which is why plexico burress (football player) was sent to prison for 2 years. Because they set up automatic prison terms for anyone with an unregistered gun so that whenever they pick up a drug dealer or mobster with a gun, now they can imprison them without having to prove any charges against them. Ditto perjury trials against baseball players who used steroids. They couldn't prove that barry bonds had illegally used steroids, so they tried to imprison him for lying about using steroids. First off his crime is using steroids, you should try him for that or nothing, charging him with lying about his crime is bogus. Second if you are going to make an ass of yourself doing that you better at least win (which they didn't.) Third end result? The government spent $50,000,000 trying to put barry bonds in prison for lying about using steroids and failed. Job well done. Anyway back to the issue, all these laws are created not with the purpose of protecting citizens, or preventing crime, but imprisoning people. That should not be allowed.


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For shame, America.

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