Thursday, June 30

Dad, do I have to brush my teeth? No, but at least rinse your mouth out with soda.

Shocking Who would have ever thought diet soda was bad for you? Oh i don't know maybe everybody. Those fake sugars are worse for you than normal natural sugar. "I think prudence would dictate drinking water." How about you just drink soda on occasion as a treat, instead of chugging it down. I don't drink much soda, it's too sweet for me, (I also cut all my juices with water) but for those who like it there's nothing wrong with soda or juice any more than there is something wrong with ice cream or bacon or candy. Just don't make it your primary nutritional source. It's like that movie supersize me. The idea of eating nothing but McDonalds is just so completely bizzare, but if you want to do it, eat it in moderation don't stuff yourself stupid (as we saw in all the replies to supersize me where people eat nothing but McDonalds and lost weight because excersized and didn't eat 5,000 calories a day.) Or you can eat like crazy just excersize it off, like Phelps


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