Monday, July 11

I'm having a little trouble with the government. Oh, those jerks, always walking over the small businessman. Don't get me started about the government

Why are governments allowed to get away with being so stupid. Since when does suitable mean common? That's just bizarre. On a list of the word suitable's synonyms common would not be in the top ten. Suitable means appropriate, not common. Now just think to yourself what would happen if this was a private company. Not that a private company could put somebody in jail, but if they mistreated some customer and claimed that because of some bylaw in their code book they had acted appropriately. And people said hey that's crazy, that doesn't make any sense, and it got into the newspapers and lots of people found out about it. A private company would apologize. They would say sorry for the mistake, we didn't mean any offense and we will look into updating out procedures so we don't have this kind of a mistake again. Or something along those lines. But does the government have to apologize? No, of course not. They claim they were right all along and come up with some convoluted theory about the meaning of words to justify putting somebody in prison. Similar things are playing out on a bigger scale right now. Are atlanta politicains/unionized teachers going to be punished for systemic cheating on standardized tests? Is the federal government going to be held responsible for letting guns be sold illegally and moved to mexico all the while under the watch of ATF agents? Are police ever held responsible when they deliver a no knock raid at at the wrong address, mistake a guy holding a remote for a gun and shoot and innocent man to death? No of course not. Those are all terrible accidents for which nobody should be held responsible. But rupert murdoch's company get's caught up in some wiretapping scandal (i haven't really followed the details because i don't care) and the company needs to be dismantled and everyone needs to lose their jobs and possibly go to prison. An innocent guy sitting at home has his home broken into by armed men who don't say what they are doing and defends himself by shooting one of them only to find later they were police delivering a no knock warrant, he needs to go to prison too. He should have known better than try to defend himself against armed men breaking into his home unannounced. But not the government, or government employees. They are immune to repercussions for their actions. In fact it's actually written into the law that government employees can't be sued for terrible behavior because they work for the government after all. If somebody else did it, it would be a crime and you could sue them, but because it's a government employee well we just couldn't allow that. How is this a democracy? Do a majority of people really think this a good idea?


Blogger Liepa said...

you should start a campaign. move to dc.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Aras said...

the guy is a liar, webster's dicionary doesn't thus define suitable; common isn't even a synonym! now i'm in a foul mood.

8:57 AM  
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