Wednesday, July 13

I'm going to come back with the greatest gift a husband can give his wife: An annulment from his secret wife...

Mr. Simpson, under Nevada law, bigamy, or Mormon hold'em, is perfectly legal. Both marriages stand.

I have long said that although i support gay marriage in theory i am not that upset about not having gay marriage because supporters of gay marriage fail to advocate for similar rights for polygamists. Either the government has the authority to regulate marriage or they do not, if they do not that polygamist marriages should be just as legitimate as gay marriage or straight marriage. If they do then they have the right to ban gay marriage just as much as banning polygamist marriage. But this article reminds us that beyond the right to marry, polygamists don't even have the right to live together in peace. Because of common law marriage rules in some states a man can be declared to be married to multiple women if he is living with them and then he can charged with polygamy, which is a crime. This has happened. That even though they are just trying to live peacefully, not even trying to claim they should be allowed multiple government recognized marriages, just that they want to be left in peace. Polygamist rights are where gay rights were 40 years ago when sodomy was illegal, and cops could arrest gay guys just for having sex with each other if they wanted. So all those activist upset with government intruding in people's personal lives should stop worrying about getting gays the rights to marry and start worrying about getting polygamists the rights to live without government persecution. (or better yet, worry about both, but that seems beyond them.)


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