Wednesday, June 29

You can stand there finding fault, or you can knit me some seatbelts.

For any of my readers who like to ride bicycles (aras.) “There’s as much penis inside the body as outside,” probably more if you've got a small penis. I don't ride bicycles anymore, but if i did i would certainly take a look at this. Seems like pretty clear evidence that you are doing something to your penis, it may not be permanent damage, but who wants to risk it. If you were a professional cyclist maybe the risk would be worthwhile, but for a normal person, not way. Plus i suspect that cyclist don't actually gain any advantage from the penis crusher. They are used to riding a certain way and indeed they use some muscles that they couldn't with these other seats, but these other seats would probably allow them to use more ass muscles or something, balancing it out if you were used to it.


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