Thursday, April 28

Now take a seat, junior, and listen to someone who gave their youth in service to their country. Mrs. Crabapple, the pledge, please.,0,4057307.story

Are these people serious? So instead of being thrilled that they have a teacher who is actually a successful published writer, (and is by all accounts a good teacher) they are mad because she writes trashy steamy romance novels? Afraid of what her students will be thinking about in class? It's a highschool class. They are thinking about sex. They were thinking about it before, and they will think about it after, they will think about it regardless of what anybody says or does. And the teacher has been teaching for at least 25 years, so nobody in the classroom is going to be fantasizing about her. I just don't understand people.


Blogger Aras said...

People are cuckoo for sex.

Plus I just watched that episode a few days ago.

6:56 AM  

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