Sunday, April 24

The trick is to say you're prejudiced against all races.

I wrote when this guy was first fired that it was nice that new jersey had so much money they didn't mind throwing it away by firing this guy for burning pages from a koran. The firing was clearly illegal and only and idiot or a politically correct extremist (idiot) would have fired him. And as it turns out, it was illegal. Now new jersey is out $50,000 (25 to the guy and 25 to the aclu for court costs) plus back pay for the guy and whatever their own court costs were. Add it all up and it's probably around $100,000. Not that it's that much money, but what should tax payers have to pay for this. Some government officials committed a crime by firing this guy and violating his constitutional rights. Is that person going to be disciplined in anyway? Will that person lose a dollar out of his own pocket? Is that person even going to have a note in his file that he cost the tax payers $100,000 with his reckless and clearly illegal firing of an employee? Almost certainly not. And another example of what's wrong with government. I'm not even saying the person responsible needs to lose his job, everybody makes mistakes. I think this would be a fireable offense, but just any mark in the file would be enough, so that if it happened again then he would be fired. Maybe that's happened. Maybe someone lost their job over this firing (I highly doubt it.) but in a private company where you can't just take an extra 100k from the tax payers they wouldn't be so cavalier about throwing money away.


Blogger Aras said...

You should ask Chris Christie about it at one of his little events. I would definitely try to do that if I were in CT. He's the man!

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