Saturday, April 23

So you think you know better than this family, eh? Well as long as you're in my house you'll do what I do and believe what I believe! So butter your b$1-%C3%82%E2%80%98peace-bond%C3%82%E2%80%99

The supreme court has held that people have the right to protest outside the funerals of soldiers, so in what possible theory could it be wrong to protest outside outside a mosque. It seems to me that this is blatant racism. The police officers/judges/etc. are essentially saying that most members of society are adults, and as such they are required to act like adults. So if you son dies in iraq and you have a funeral and some idiots are outside protesting, you are required to ignore them. But because muslims are not adults, but rather emotional children they cannot be held responsible for get upset if someone protests outside their mosque. So there it is required of the rest of society to change the way we act. We must take extra responcibility as adults not to upset the muslims who are children. Why aren't muslims upset by this infantalization? This is essentially an open insult of all muslim people that they cannot react peaceably to a protest.

Beyond that idiocy, the more general idea of this law seems inherently illegal. Essentially as i understand it. If you are doing something that is completely legal, but it causes someone else to react in a violent way and commit crimes like rioting/assault/etc. then you are held responsible for their illegality. The article says this law has never been challenged, but i believe it is clearly illegal and certainly immoral. If someone commits a crime, then they are guilty of that crime. Not some other person who has done nothing illegal. If you were already committing a crime and that led directly to someone else committing crimes then maybe i could see some sort of chain linking you to someone else's crime. But to prosecute a completely innocent man, who has committed no crime because it seems possible that someone else might commit a crime as a result of the first man not committing a crime is just silly.


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It's no surprise when the assistant prosecutor's name is moron.

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