Tuesday, April 26

Arr, I'm in a lotta trouble now. Hey, I'll give ya a hundred bucks if you'll take the blame.


It doesn't so much bother me that these EPA people are shutting down oil production, as long as Obama would be willing to stand up and say, i don't think we should be producing gasoline in the US. He should stand up and say, i encourage blocking this oil production, and i encourage preventing all future oil production in the gulf of mexico because oil production is bad for the environment, and gasoline causes global warming. It is good that gasoline costs $5 a gallon because it will encourage americans to buy more efficient cars and use less gas. After all the europeans are paying considerably more than $5 a gallon. Those things are all true statements about Obama. But he refuses to admit it because he knows that very few americans agree with those statements. So instead he comes out and claims that oil prices are high because of speculators. Who are an easy boogey man because so few people actually understand speculation. So they can sit back and think, yeah, those rich fat cats driving up the price of oil. What drives up the price of oil is a limit in the supply. Libya isn't producing oil because Obama encouraged revolt there. Other arab countries need to keep the prices high to get money to pay off their people to prevent revolt. So they are not going to increase the oil supply. You know who could increase the oil supply? America. And that would drive down oil prices. These wells won't start producing immediately which is why they should have been green lighted a while ago, instead of Obama blocking all deep sea drilling despite court orders that he not do so. And if the price is high because of speculation denying drilling permits will only increase the speculation that there will be shortages in the future driving the price further up, while granting the permits wouldn't increase immediate oil supply, but would discourage speculating about high future prices.

Lisa i don't want to alarm you, but there may be a boogey man, or boogey men in the house.


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Yeah I saw that. Obama's a pussy.

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